Mazaya Logistics

Mazaya Logistics is a concept initiated and fully owned by Al Mazaya Holding Company to construct, develop, and operate ideal key storage solutions. Mazaya Logistics is a reliable, flexible, and experienced warehousing solution with a state-of-the-art warehousing management system. Its prime location makes it the key choice for many local, international, and national companies. 

Al Mazaya is widely recognized as one of the most thought-of real estate development companies in the Middle East market, with numerous impressive projects.

The company was established in 1998 and started operation as Al Mazaya Holding Company in 2004 with a paid up capital of KD 15 million to read KD 64.9. Al Mazaya provides various comprehensive real estate products and services in several fields, among them housing projects such as deluxe villas and high-class residential buildings.

Building Types:

  • S- Type
    • Small sized industrial units
    • Minimum area of 250 om2
  • M- Type
    • Medium sized industrial units
    • Minimum area of 1,000 om2.

Facility Features:

  • Open span structure with no columns or obstructions
  • Unit specific addressing and metering
  • Quality insulation providing reasonable ambient temperatures year round
  • Natural lighting


  • Tenant designated parking
  • Provision for air conditioning
  • Provision for racking & shelving systems
  • Provision for mezzanine & office floor systems
  • 24 / 7 Security