Development Management

1. Planning Stage

  • Assist the client to develop a clear and realistic project goals (i.e. scope, budget, and deadlines)
  • Prepare a project business plan and financial model.
  • Prepare RFP documentations and conduct a tender to hire consultants (i.e. Cost and Engineering consultants
  • Submit a recommendation for the client approval.

2. Design Stage

  • Direct the Architect/Engineer during the design stage.
  • Coordinate with all parties to obtain of all required permits, licenses, and certificates.
  • Implement value engineering for all aspects of design and construction
  • Develop a realistic timeline for construction.

3. Tendering

  • Coordinate to develop all tender drawings and documents (ie. Specs, and BOQ).
  • Receive and analyze all submitted bids and finalize construction tender process.
  • Submit a recommendation for the client approval.

4. Site Management

  • Provide the client with regular status updates, monthly reports, and contractual risk analysis.
  • Coordinate with all parties to ensure the safety of the construction site.
  • Coordinate to ensure that the construction is in line with the required quality and time schedule and with budget.
  • Assist in settling project related disputes or differences that may arise with contractor, sub-contractor or consultants.

5. Post-Construction

  • Assist in the development of as-built drawings, maintenance manuals, etc.
  • Develop a close-out report and submit all related documentation (i.e warranties and certificates).